Carnival has become one of the most creative celebrations in Priego and the artistic creations are shown through the streets.

It takes place between the months of February and March and they are really fun parties which last until late at night.

Colour is the protagonist of these parties and people make a lot of effort to improve their increasingly more original costumes every year.

If you like having fun and dressing up, you have to visit Priego during these celebrations. You will have the opportunity to participate in the costume contest and the traditional parade which takes place on Saturday afternoon as culmination of these celebrations.

The day of the parade, which have a large influx of people in order to show their creativity, originality and desire of having fun, is one of the funniest moments in Carnival in Priego. In addition, there is a special prize called Antifaz de Oro (“Golden mask”) for people who publicize and promote this celebration.