Traditional Cuisine

One of your reasons to revisit Priego will be undoubtedly its traditional cuisine: olive oil juices, artisanal products like “turrolate” or sausages like “relleno de Carnaval”, an explosion of flavour in your mouth.

Wisdom in this land is not only transmitted orally, but also through taste. Our traditional cuisine is full of dishes you can cook at home thanks to the cookery book “Entre olivares”, a selection of recipes whose star product is always the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE).

In this book, you will find traditional dishes ranging from scrambled eggs to meat and fish recipes like “rabo de toro” (oxtail), cod with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, “flamenquín”, etc.

However, if you do a culinary tour to discover the most typical dishes of our region, you will not only be surprised by its taste and aroma, but also by its colour. Red tomatoes, green Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a white and yellow garnish of egg merge together to create the “salmorejo”, one of our most surprising recipes.

“Remojón” will make your mouth water as well. This is a typical dish made of oranges, cod and, obviously, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Can you imagine the colour of this dish?

The “Relleno de Carnaval” is a kind of sausage that we made for this celebration and which has become very typical of our region.

Another example of our traditional cuisine is the “revuelto de collejas” (scrambled eggs with bladder campion), that you can find in many of our restaurants and tapas-bars.

In addition, Priego offers you a delicious selection of traditional sweets like “barquillos”, “isabelas”, “tocino de cielo”, millefeuilles…

But our star product is undoubtedly the “turrolate”, a chocolate bar with almonds or hazelnuts.

During Easter Week we also elaborate traditional products like “pestiños” and sweet pasties; in Christmas, you could taste our delicious “mantecados” and the “arresoli”, a drink made of coffee, anisette, sugar, cinnamon and herbs.

A cuisine full of typical products to be tasted and shared with your loved ones. .  

 Download the cookery book “Entre Olivares”