Priego is purple [festivals, traditions and handicraft]

Priego de Córdoba is passionate about its Easter week celebrations, with the whole town coming out into the streets to accompany the magnificent thrones (pasos), with their extraordinary carvings, in a manifestation of devotion and emotion. The solemnity of the various religious brotherhoods from Easter Sunday onwards contrasts with the explosion of popular devotion on Good Friday, when an overwhelming number of people try to help carry a throne with a statute of Jesus “el Nazareno” up the Calvario hill, where the image blesses the thousands of humble, symbolic hornazos (a local pie) carried by the faithful.

Easter Week in Priego is characterized by the solemnity and the religious fervour of its celebrations. The different brotherhoods painstakingly prepare their processions to ensure a high degree of uniformity, with every last detail being attended to with diligence and enthusiasm. The silence and devotion of Priego’s “penitents” seem to project their deepest, most intimate feelings, and are only interrupted in the collective overflowing of emotions which follows their meeting with Jesus Nazareno.

Every Sunday in May, colourful processions take place and traditional “rifas” of presents are carried out amid great excitement. 

During Corpus Christi the Barrio de la Villa, neighbourhood is whitewashed and decorated with flowers and is the location for a beautiful procession which winds its ways through the sinuous streets.

In the Church of the Aurora, a singular tradition is found; The Brotherhood of the Aurora, whose foundation dates from the 16th century and which, every Saturday night, goes round the streets and squares singing on ancient folk songs. They celebrate their festivals during the second week of September.

The art of flamenco singing is kept alive through its official club (Peña).

The Annual Fair held from 1 to 5 September in a colourful marquee is the town’s time for revelry and entertainment.

There are a large number of highly skilled artisans in the town who have come together under the banner Priego Artesanal and have created the Artisan Trail, which enables visitors to discover some of the workshops where unique pieces are created.