Priego is blue [Heritage and Art]

Priego is Baroque Style

If you are very keen on art, you will enjoy the historic and artistic baroque heritage here in Priego de Cordoba. This style emerges in a time of rising wealth. Nowadays, velvet and taffeta industry is very important in this area.

In 17th – 18th centuries the economy alternated between times of great prosperity and great instability. And then trade with France and India arose. In this context the Baroque Style appeared. The Counter-Reformation art along with associated with a strong popular spirituality mean that most of the important temples in the town were decorated in the baroque style.

You can visit many different religious monuments which are built according to this style: The sacristy of the Church of Asunción, the Chapel of Jesús Nazareno in the Church of San Francisco, and the yeserias in the Church of Aurora.

If you are interested in discovering the most distinguished citizens from 19th century, you can meet them in their own family houses. You can visit “The House – Museum of D. Niceto Alcalá Zamora, the first president of the second Republic in Spain or “The House – Museum of the painter Lozano Sidro.