Green Tourism

Let yourself be carried along by the beauty of Priego natural areas in every season. A mantle of fallen leaves in autumn, colourful hills in spring and changes of season in winter and summer will be the protagonists of the thousand pictures you will take during your hikes.

The natural wealth of Priego is as real as the touristic offer developed around it.

Priego is aware of this natural resource and this is the reason why our town supports private initiatives but also local associations, sport clubs, etc. which perform activities in nature.

If you are an adventurous person, you can take part in a multitude of activities like canyoning, caving, rafting, etc.

However, if you enjoy details, you should try our thematic excursions, where experts will show you the particular characteristics of landscape. You will also have the chance to practise archery, zip wire, participate in gymkhanas…

Finally, if you prefer moving at your own pace, we offer you all the available information about hiking or bicycle routes. Some of the hiking routes Priego offers you are:

  • Ascent to peak Tiñosa
  • Mountain pass Puerto del Cerezo and village Las Lagunillas
  • Ascent to Jardín del Moro through meadow Vichira
  • Dolmen La Lastra, from Zagrilla
  • Cave Los Mármoles
  • GR-7 path
  • Urban route: Bajo Adarve and vegetable gardens
  • Hermitage San Miguel in El Castellar
  • Peak Bermejo.

Download the Guide of Subbética Trails. Click here.

The Natural Park of Sierras Subbéticas offers you a lot of hiking routes. Here you have some of them starting in Priego and its small villages.

  • Mountain pass of La Higuera (Las Lagunillas)
  • Peak Albayate
  • GR7 path - Almedinilla - Priego.
  • Hermitage San Miguel (El Castellar).
  • Mountain pass El Cerezo (Los Villares)
  • Las Lomas (Camino Alto, Priego)
  • Rute – Priego - Sierra de Rute - Peak Tiñosa (the highest of the province, 1570 m)
  • Rute – Canyon of river La Hoz
  • Marsh of Iznájar
  • Cabra - La Nava - Zuheros
  • Cabra - Hoyones de Gaena
  • Priego - Peak Tiñosa – Sierra Horconera
  • Luque - Sierra Alcaide - Carcabuey
  • Sierras of Cabra, Lucena or Zuheros
  • Peak Bermejo
  • Carcabuey – El Navazuelo – Fuentefría – river Bailón – Zuheros
  • Almedinilla – Waterfall Salto del Caballo – river Caicena – Fuente Grande
  • Botanical trail Santa Rita
  • “Green Route” of the Subbética Cordobesa
  • Cabra - Fuente de Jarcas