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NOTICE: The Priego de Córdoba Town Hall has not relationship with the private companies which are located in this website. The Town Hall works to development the tourism industry in the destination, having not any responsability in the private activities of them.

Tourist bus “Paseos Priego”

Tourist bus “Paseos Priego”
 Tipo de Actividad: Autobús turístico y D'pies

+34 957 540 244 - +34 607506343


Address: C/ Carrera de Álvarez, 20 - 14800 - Priego de Córdoba



·The “Chiquibús” is a small panoramic bus with a maximum capacity of 12 people. It is electric and it uses rechargeable batteries. Thus, it is ecological without fumes nor noises.

We show you Priego, while we are traversing the historical-artistic heritage of Priego de Córdoba in the “Chiquibús”.

·We have also “D'pie eléctricos” (electric vehicles of three wheels) in order that your visit to Priego de Córdoba is a funny experience.

Our “D'pie” are electric vehicles, thus they don't emit fumes nor noises.

You can rent these vehicles for 1 hour and you will traverse the most symbolic places in Priego in a different way.