Priego de Córdoba is waiting for you.  Tourism


Priego´s Sundays in May

Each week, one of the brotherhoods has a Sunday reserved for their celebrations and procession


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A town with beautiful hidden treasures

A thrilling journey into the heart of Córdoban baroque
The streets of  Priego´s historic quarter link eight beautiful churches and chapels From far away the great bell tower projects above the silhouette of Priego de Córdoba against the Subbética Mountains.  Together with the Castle and the steep cliff of the Adarve, the dominance of religious buildings on the skyline give the traveller just an inkling of the treasures that await him.

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Regreso a la Villa, una joya de colorido y cal


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Priego de Córdoba, nuestra visita inesperada




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Priego de Córdoba is waiting for you. 

 Holy week in the heart of Andalusia

The rich culture of Andalusian towns, each with its own character and way of doing things comes to the fore during the Easter Celebrations. At this time of the year each dot on the map is a completely different world. Traditions with their own nuances of language and customs carefully guarded by the town´s inhabitants. Holy Week (Easter Week) in Priego de Córdoba, declared a Celebration of National Tourist Interest for Andalusia and recognised as part of the Camino de Pasion, envelops the visitor from the very first moment.


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