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Reportaje sobre Priego de Córdoba en Escritura Pública.



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Priego is waiting for you.

Discover the most beautiful town in Andalusia.


During the next nine weeks, each Friday in the Diario CÓRDOBA, we will explore the immense touristic delights that can be found in Priego de Córdoba. Under the title of “Priego de Córdoba is waiting for you”, the most beautiful town in the province of Córdoba emerges from the Balcón de Adarve to visit the pages of this newspaper. Its spectacular old town quarter (Barrio de la Villa), was declared to be of special artistic and historic interest in 1972. The original nucleus of modern day Priego is enveloped in magic, the contrast between the whiteness of the houses with the greenness of the olive groves in the surrounding mountains. The medieval inspired streets, with their narrow twists and turns that take you on a journey through a labyrinth adorned by the beauty and harmony of the whitewashed houses. The area is surrounded by the Ardarve, a natural defense for the fledgling medieval town. As you travel through this neighbourhood, do not miss the opportunity to pass along Calle Bajondillo, Plaza San Antonio and Calle Real, which will bring you to Paseo de Colombia, popularly known as “Paseo de las Rosas” (the avenue of roses) by the locals. As you pass through our town of Priego it is well worth your time to stop at the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (Our Lady of the Assumption), in the Mudejar-gothic style of the 16th century, or the Carnicería Reales, the ancient meat market and slaughter house, also from the 16th century. You can take a break on your tour by visiting the castle. A defensive Arab fort rebuilt in the 13th and 14th centuries. But Priego has many more places to discover.